Unreasonable Adventures – Part Two Foreign Men in Flashy Boats

” LAX or Long Beach?”  Hoonie asks. “Long Beach!” I tell her. “There’s a flight leaving LaGuardia at 3:45….” “Perfect!” Next is a call to my fierce and fabulous friend … Continue Reading →


Unreasonable Adventures – Part One Little Men in Big Trucks

by the Solitary Grey Pony Back in a single chapter of my life there is only one little-guy-in-big-truck in my history.  Despite his height, he was a very manly-man who … Continue Reading →


How to logically find a Good Man

by the Solitary Grey Pony When someone asks this question, they are actually asking two questions: Where to find a good man, and how to hang on to him?  How … Continue Reading →


Solitary Grey Pony

First, I must tell the story of the Solitary Grey Pony.  It is a comedy actually.. with a little wisdom and sarcasm thrown in.   A few years ago when I … Continue Reading →