Unreasonable Adventures – Part One Little Men in Big Trucks

truckby the Solitary Grey Pony

Back in a single chapter of my life there is only one little-guy-in-big-truck in my history.  Despite his height, he was a very manly-man who rode horses and hunted bears!!  His main form of employment consisted of escorting high-paying, outdoor-loving, trophy seeking types to Alaska for a few weeks, promising the client his own Brown Bear which he would pack out with full intent to stuff and display at the end of the trip.  This cowboy was beyond fascinating and a gentleman to boot!

About a month after meeting him he mentioned his dilemma of needing to get his big truck, currently in Tennessee, to New York state before Easter as he had a hunt in Alaska for a few weeks and a job starting immediately upon his return.  Although the upcoming drive on roads unfamiliar did not excite him, I personally thought that sounded like great fun.   Since I lived in Tennessee for two years and knew the territory, he was relieved when I agreed to join him.

How interesting that this little girl from Utah would agree to a trip like this with a shy little cowboy she hardly knew.  First of all… our common acquaintance was his mother.  Second: as if there is something better to do in Utah the week before Easter when I could spend a few days in Nashville, do some shopping in NY, and take a scenic ride in a big white truck all the way up North.  Of course I went!  My second year at University taught  me that if I were to pass up an opportunity… chances are, it won’t come again.  I have lived my life with that as my personal motto and decided then and there that I would take all reasonable… and possibly a few unreasonable…opportunities that manifested themselves if I wanted to experience my life rather than just live it.

Two days later we flew out of Salt Lake City.  All I packed was a small leather duffle bag.  Bear hunter was impressed.  I think he figured that girls who pack light were carefree and easygoing.  What country boy didn’t consider was:  Girls who pack light plan to go shopping!  We spent three days in Nashville hanging out with his sister and visiting friends.  I noticed that his sister’s apartment was the only living quarters on that entire trip that didn’t have deer heads on the wall.  I got some very therapeutic shopping in and we drove north to see more friends and deer heads.

In some small town an hour out of New York City,  I’m laughing with people I don’t know watching Bear Hunter pack for 3 weeks in the wilderness of Alaska.  He had impressive outdoor equipment I had never seen before including some very large guns.  The sweet lady of the house asked me about my plans,

“Your flight doesn’t leave until 3pm..  what are you going to do after he boards his plane?”

“I was just going to go into the city and do some shopping.”

There was a pause.  She was looking at me like I was crazy.  “Why?  How are you going to get there?”

“I don’t know.  A bus… a train.  I’m not going to sit around JFK for 8 hours.”

Apparently they never went into the city.

The next morning, I am standing at airport security watching Bear Hunter as he is carefully sending his huge guns and multifunctional outdoor gear through the x-ray machines.  He looks up at me with genuine fear and concern.  “Please be careful.” he says in a rather protective tone… especially for someone I’ve only known now for 5 weeks.

“What are you talking about?  You are flying up to Alaska to HUNT BEARS in the freezing wilderness where you will be part of the FOOD CHAIN!  I’m just going to do some shopping!…   I’ll be fine.”

It wasn’t until the next year the subway line was extended to JFK.  That would have been incredibly convenient.  Still, an hour and a half later I find myself walking down 34th Street with two new pairs of shoes.  By 11 am, I have my third pair.  I sit down in Herald Square and think how proud I am for three great purchases in record time.

After some food, sunshine, and a spontaneous call to my fierce and fabulous friend Burly who was my Cinderella when I was Belle on Disney Cruise Line…  it suddenly dawns on me that I don’t have to be back to work until Monday morning and it’s Friday afternoon.  Why on earth would I fly to Utah today!!??  I call another friend who works for the airline I am flying with.  ‘Hoonie…  do I have to fly back to Salt Lake on this ticket?”

“Where do you want to go?”

“Can you get me to California?

To be continued…

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