Solitary Grey Pony

ponyFirst, I must tell the story of the Solitary Grey Pony.  It is a comedy actually.. with a little wisdom and sarcasm thrown in.   A few years ago when I  was enjoying my ‘single again status’ , I looked forward to going out on Friday nights to socialize.. meet people (guys)… usually dancing.   After the show, I would get dressed up.  My fun clothes would arouse suspicion and curiosity among the cast members:  “OOOoo ..where are you going?”  And I would receive equal interest of the outcome of my Friday evening festivities when I showed up for the matinee the next morning.  “So.. did you meet anyone…  dance with any cute guys?…”

One Saturday as usual, I briefly related the evenings events :  “Yeah, I met a really fun guy!  He gave me his phone number, but I threw it away.”

Mary was confused, “Why!!???  Why did you throw it away?!!

“Because he’s like saying ‘if you call me, I will sleep with you…  but I don’t like you enough to want to know how to find you!’ ”

That got the attention of the entire backstage area!  Phyl, in particular, was most insulted by my remark.  “I give girls my number all of the time.  They don’t feel uneasy about me having their contact details and they can call me when they have time.”

“That’s nice, Phyl…  You obviously haven’t met a girl yet that you definitely want to see again.”

So the rest of the day and all trough the evening performance, whenever I entered the dressing room or passed by Phyl coming off stage, I heard his whining voice, “Don’t give me your phone number..I’ll just throw it away!”  “I’m a snobby girl… I throw away men’s phone numbers just for fun!!”

It would have been annoying if he wasn’t so funny while he was doing it.  It made the long day pass by quite quickly.  Then we had a few days off.   He must have genuinely been bothered because he continued his aggravated comments to his friend Lee for three days.  By the time I arrive back to the theater on Thursday,  Lee… who has been laughing for 3 days solid, tells me that he and Phyl drove to Logan on Tuesday, and while passing through the canyon there was a large field with a cluster of black horses on one end.  Standing at the other end of the field was a grey pony.  Suddenly Phyl stops talking about regular life and bursts out in his whiny voice, “I’m a solitary grey pony!  If any of those other ponies gave me their phone number… I’d throw it away!!!”

So for the next few days I heard Phyl’s whine from the dressing room… the green room..  the STAGE.. the parking lot..

‘I’m a Solitary Grey Pony!  If any of those other ponies gave me their phone number… I’d THOW IT AWAY!!!

Incidentally, Phyl came out of the closet the next year.  I rest my case.

So now the Solitary Grey Pony, who has been married for over 5 years with two beautiful children, has decided to embark her wisdom and experience to anyone in the universe who is looking for that perfect guy who will ask for your phone number because they are not OK with not seeing you again.  My next post:  How to Find a Good Man… or more importantly… WHERE!!


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